Clinical Teaching Information

As you reach the completion of your studies for a Standard Teaching Certificate, there are various forms and paperwork that must be completed in order to be recommended for your certificate after the completion of your degree. The following items outline the requirements that must be completed in order for the Certification Office to recommend you for your certificate:

  1. Submit the Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities Exam Information Form to gain approval for the PPR exam.
  2. Register for your PPR Exam. You have 5 attemps to pass this exam.  Failure to pass the PPR exam will result in being ineligible for teacher certification in the State of Texas.  

Students may use the Certification Checklist to make sure that that they have completed the necessary requirements for recommendation. Remember that students will not be recommended for their teaching certificate until they have officially graduated from Texas A&M, so the recommendation process will not begin until graduation dates are posted in Howdy.

Certificate Recommendation Process

At the end of your Clinical Teaching semester, the certification office will review and verify that you have completed all certification requirements, have no holds on your student record, and will recommend you for your Standard Teaching Certificate. You will receive an email notification from the Texas Education Agency once you have been recommended. You will receive an additional email once your certificate is available online in your TEA profile. Please keep in mind that the recommendation process may take up to 3-4 weeks after graduation to complete. If you have any holds, tests remaining, or any problem with your record, we will notify you via email, so make sure we have an email address on file that you check regularly!