Special Education Undergraduate Program

Philosophy of the Special Education Program

The Special Education Program at Texas A&M University is designed to prepare educator practitioners to serve as skillful, ethical, and caring professionals. We take a broad, non-categorical view of disability, and include in our training  knowledge and skills relevant to meeting the needs of those students classified as "at-risk" and "low-performing" as well as those identified as having disabilities. Student access to the full continuum of services so that the individual needs of students can be met is strongly supported. This is coupled with the belief that students should participate in the general education curriculum to the maximum extent that is determined to be beneficial. Preservice educators in the Special Education Program at Texas A&M University possess an understanding of and a respect for the ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity of the students, families, and communities in which they may work.

The Special Education Program at Texas A&M University shares a commitment to the effective implementation of evidenced-based practices and procedures in several avenues. This evidenced-based practice includes identification of students with special needs as well as instructional planning, implementation, and progress evaluation to meet the diverse needs of these individuals. Collaboration and partnership with the parents and other professionals are valued. Since we can expect continued change in the nature of special education in the future, we also assist our students in developing key skills in critical self-judgment and program evaluation to ensure their ability to continue to develop as effective professionals after leaving the University.

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