Tenure & Promotion Advisory Committee

  • This advisory committee reviews candidates at the 3rd year review and candidates eligible for tenure and promotion.
  • It is responsible for conducting a thorough and considered review of each file that is submitted by departments and for submitting a written report and recommendation as well as a report of its vote on each file.
  • The Committee also advises the dean on issues pertaining to tenure and/or promotion.


  • Each department elects one tenured, full professor representative to the committee.
  • An associate professor, college at-large representative, will also serve on the committee.
  • All tenure track faculty members are eligible to vote for their departmental representative and for the College at-large member. 
    • However, in the event the associate professor representative is reviewed for promotion to Full Professor during this two-year term, the individual will not complete his or her term, and an election will be held.
  • The at-large representative cannot be from the same department for two consecutive terms.
  • The at-large representative participates in discussions and votes in cases involving third year reviews, tenure, and promotion to associate professor.
  • The at-large representative may be present during discussions involving promotion to full professor but does not vote on promotion to full professor.
  • All members of the committee are expected to represent the College rather than to serve as advocates for their departments.
  • Individuals who hold administrative positions as department heads or who serve on the dean's staff are not eligible to serve on the committee.


Length of Terms

Department Representatives: 3 Years

At-Large Representative: 2 Years