Research Office

The Research Office strives to provide excellent service to CEHD faculty seeking to obtain grants and support to faculty who have received grants. The Research Office is here to be a source of information for anything related to research and external funding.  Do not hesitate to contact one of us with questions or concerns.  We are here to represent you, if you face any issues, concerns, or roadblocks with other offices outside of CEHD, please come to us first.

Review the Research Interests directory page for an extensive list of faculty and staff research interests. Go to the Social Sciences page for a listing of research conducted in the social sciences across the university.

Proposal Preparation

  • Identify funding sources
  • Liaison with Sponsored Research Services (SRS)
  • Budget development
  • Indirect cost waiver forms
  • Faculty Reviewers: a number of faculty in our college have served as reviewers for federal grant competitions giving them valuable expertise and insight into these agencies.  We can also help solicit external reviews, where appropriate.

Post Award Assistance

The Dean's Office is in the process of establishing a team of financial staff to assist faculty with project account management.  Clayton HolleMary Seifert, Pam Parks, and Wyatt Buchanan are currently providing post award support to externally funded projects across the college.


The Research Office provides support in the development, routing, and approval of contracts (service, internship agreements, practicum agreements, etc.) which our routed through TAMU Contract Administration.

Internal Funding Opportunities

  • Transforming Lives Research Grant
  • Undergraduate Student Research Initative (USRI)
  • Professional Expert to Review Proposal (request through email to Sue Bloomfield)

CEHD Council of Principal Investigators (CPI)

The Research Office works closely with the college's CPI.  The council is committed to the continued improvement of the research enviornment in the college.  The council is your mechanism to present concerns, request information, and participate in development specifically geared toward research.

Guidelines & Policies

Following are the guidelines, policies, and bylaws related to research in the college.  You may also be interested in referencing Texas A&M University System Policies and Regulations, as well as Texas A&M University Rules