Council of Principal Investigators

The CEHD Council of Principal Investigators (CPI) consists of individuals elected to represent Principal Investigators (PIs) from each CEHD department including faculty who are affiliated with CEHD Centers and Institutes with extramural funding projects. The Council is committed to the continued improvement of the research and graduate students environment in CEHD. Specifically, the CPI is committed to the establishment of a team relationship with the CEHD administration to fostering CEHD's goal of being nationally recognized for teaching and research.

CPI Membership as of September 1, 2016
(All members serve a three-year term)

Daniel Bowen, Vice Chair EAHR 8/31/19
Mary Margaret Capraro TLAC 8/31/17
Robert Capraro TLAC 8/31/18
Timothy Elliott EPSY 8/31/19
James Fluckey HLKN 8/31/17
Jennifer Ganz, Chair EPSY 8/31/17
Beverly Irby EAHR 8/31/18
Oi-man Kwok, University CPI Representative EPSY 8/31/18
Michael Massett HLKN 8/31/19
Hersh Waxman TLAC 8/31/18
Christopher Woodman HLKN 8/31/18


Purpose of the Council

The CEHD Council of Principal Investigators consists of individuals elected to represent Principal Investigators (PI's) in the CEHD. The Council is committed to the continued improvement of the research environment for undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Texas A&M University. Specifically, the CEHD CPI will be a forum for PI's to deliberate and propose CEHD policies and procedures associated with extramural funding activities of CEHD faculty in an effort to enhance the level of activity, efficacy and impact of extramural initiatives. In collaboration with CEHD administration, the work of the CPI facilitates CEHD's goal of being nationally recognized for teaching and research.

The Council will meet a minimum of four times annually with the meeting schedule to be determined by members. The purpose of these meetings are for PI's to address specific issues concerning funded research and graduate education environments. Appropriate recommendations are presented to the Dean's Council and appropriate CEHD administrative offices.


Members of the Council are elected representatives of the Principal Investigators among the CEHD Departments and Centers/Institutes. As such, it is the responsibility of Council Members to maintain an effective dialogue with their constituents. In addition, representatives of the CEHD Research Office will serve as an ex-officio member(s) and the CEHD representative(s) on the University CPI will serve as elected representatives and/or ex-officio member(s) of the CEHD CPI.

  • Definition of Principal Investigator. The Council of Principal Investigators defines a Principal Investigator as any state-funded full-time member of the Texas A&M University community headquartered within Brazos County who is at least a Co-Principal Investigator on at least one contract or grant externally reviewed and externally funded within the previous three years.
  • Meetings. Meetings shall be open to all observers, but only Council Members or their Alternates may vote. Meetings will generally be informal, but at the request of the majority of the Council Members present, the operating procedures adopted by the Faculty Senate, or other procedures as agreed upon by those present, will be followed. Following approval of the Officers, minutes will be approved by the Council and made available to all CEHD Principal Investigators and administrators.
  • Quorum. A quorum shall consist of at least 50% of the members of the Council.
  • Elections. Elections to replace Members whose terms have expired or to fill other member vacancies will be held by the last week of April of each year, after compilation of the census of Principal Investigators. The CEHD Research Office shall inform all Principal Investigators in those units that have expired terms or unfilled seats. The CEHD Research Office shall compile the list of nominees and prepare separate ballots for each department with vacancies, and shall send a ballot to each Investigator on that department's census list. Where multiple vacancies exist, the voters shall have as many votes as there are vacancies. If too few nominations are received to fill vacancies in a certain department, that department will be under-represented or unrepresented for that year, and nominations will be sought from that department the following year to fill the unexpired portion of the vacant term(s). The nominees receiving the most votes will be named Council Members until all vacancies have been filled. The newly elected members will be asked to attend the first CEHD CPI meeting of the year in October.
  • Census of Principal Investigators. A census shall be conducted bi-annually in March by the CEHD Research Office to update the list of eligible Investigators for each eligible unit. At the Chairs discretion, a census can be conducted at any time.
  • Allocation of Seats. The census will be sorted by department according to the principal affiliation of each Investigator. CEHD CPI representatives will be assigned according to the formula: one seat for each N (Principal Investigators) where N will be set to allow at least one member per department and Council membership will be between 8 and 15. Election of members will be conducted by PI's within departments. When the number of Investigators in a department divided by N leaves a remainder, the department shall be entitled to an additional seat if that remainder is 0.50 or greater (e.g. 11 investigators/7 = 2 seats). Nomination and election of departmental representatives should reflect, in part, PI's who are active in CEHD Centers and Institutes.
  • Membership Term and Limits. Membership on the Council shall be for a three-year term. No member may be elected to serve more than two consecutive three-year terms. This rule is excepted if the Vice Chair's term on the Council expires during the year that the Member serves as Vice Chair or Chair. In this case, the Vice Chair's term will be extended to the end of the term as Immediate Past Chair.
  • Transfers and Reappointment. Any Council Member who transfers from one unit to another will retain a seat on the Council for the balance of the elected term. If that Member was the only representative of a unit, the now unrepresented unit will be entitled to elect a new representative at the next election, and in the interim, the transferring Member will be replaced by an Alternate from the unrepresented unit. If the census leads to changes in N or the number of Principal Investigators such that a unit has too many seated representatives, those Council Members will serve out their terms on the Council.
  • Alternates. If a Council Member has an extended time conflict arise (e.g. teaching commitment at the time of Council meetings, sabbatical, extended travel, illness, etc.) such that the Member is unable to attend two or more consecutive meetings, the Member will enlist an Alternate from the Member's unit and notify the Program Coordinator of the conflict and the Alternate. If the Member is unable to enlist an Alternate, the Chair may do so.
  • Failure to Participate. Any Council Member who fails to attend any two meetings in a year, and also fails to enlist an Alternate from the Member's unit, may be replaced by an Alternate from the Member's unit until the next election with approval of the Chair.

Council of Officers and Committees

  • Officers. Officers of the Council are: Chair, Vice Chair, and Immediate Past Chair.
    • Selection of Officers. The Vice Chair will be elected to a one-year term which coincides with the September-August fiscal year. The Vice Chair will serve a one-year term as Chair, followed by a one-year term as Immediate Past Chair.Nominations for Vice Chair will be solicited from Council Members after completion of annual CPI elections. The Vice Chair is elected by the Council in the Fall. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice Chair, a special election will be conducted to fill the office with a Council Member for the remainder of the vacated term
    • Duties of Officers. The Chair will preside over meetings and serve as liaison between the Council and the CEHD Dean's Council. The Chair will call the meetings and, in concert with the members of the Council, will establish the agenda. The Chair will insure that the census is conducted and elections held. The Vice Chair shall serve in the Chair's absence and shall assume the Chair if the Chair can no longer serve. The Immediate Past Chair provides historical perspective and continuity between the previous and present year's activities of the Council. The Officers will complete a yearly summary of Council activities.
  • Ad hoc Committees. Ad hoc committees may be created when needed to address issues of importance to the CEHD CPI. Composition and supervision of the ad hoc committees will be done under the discretion of the Chair.

Changes to the Bylaws

These rules and operating procedures can be changed by majority vote of a quorum at any Council meeting. Recommendations for changes must be presented to the chair one week prior to the Council meeting to be included on the meeting agenda.

Adopted by CEHD Dean's Council 4/5/04
Amended and approved by CEHD Dean's Council 11/7/06
Amended and approved by CEHD Dean's Council 1/8/08
Amended and approved by CEHD Dean's Council 11/3/15